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Get a grip, Joachim

If you really think that Launchpad strives to take control over information, I think you are wrong. It exists precisely because Savannah, GForge, Sourceforge, insert-your-favourite-here suck --- or rather: because they do not meet today's needs anymore. More importantly, they are software that everyone can install and run, so you are not forced to use a single centralised instance. Thus, I think your comparison with Google and Microsoft falls short.

Nevertheless, it is possible that Canonical's Launchpad will become a central repository of information used by all kinds of distributions, simply because Debian and Ubuntu have enough inertia and cooperation. If Canonical were to choose to disallow raw access to their databases, I think they'd make a great mistake, and I believe they know that. Of course, there is always the problem with security-related stuff in the bugs database... but under certain conditions, access to that should even be possible.