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Leaving debconf5

The social dynamics at this year's debconf actually led me to install a blog. No idea whether I am the type of person to blog, but we'll see.

I have another 3 hours left here at HUT and am surprisingly not looking forward to finally getting back home (which is usually the case when I have been gone for a while). It was a blast, and that's all I shall say. If you want emotions, see the mailing list or planet (e.g. here and there).

I want to especially thank the organisers and all volunteers who have done an incredible job, and whom I felt not to have received enough recognition ---not because people did not want to recognise it, but we were all just too busy to try to fit all the things to do here into the 24 hours of daylight at HUT.

I am also grateful to everyone who has provided me with constructive feedback to my projects, my plans, my (online) personality (you know who you are... please keep it coming!), and many other topics. Having had a chance to get to know you all will probably completely change the way I think about the Debian community and work with and for the project. I think that's a good thing.

Goodbye to all. And thanks again for a fascinating week.