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Debian assassins

Stargirl and I single-handedly decided that debconf6 will host the showdown of the first Debian assassins game ever. The rules of the game are quite simple: Everyone gets a target person assigned, randomly and secretly. Your task is to "assassinate" this person according to a set of rules. No violence involved, this is just the name of the game. If you "killed" your target, s/he has to disclose his/her target, which then becomes your next goal. In the end, the one with the largest number of "kills" wins.

The process of "assassination" is governed by a few rules:

So we need to work on a proper crypto protocol to have this run over the Internet. Extra challenge: no trusted single party must be allowed to coordinate (as used to be the case when we played this in college). I bet Bruce Schneier will love to talk about this.

Anyway, let this resonate and see what comes up. I think we should have the game going soon for added surprises. So, about the crypto... any ideas? My Applied Cryptography book is at the office...

Hanna refers me to the Assassin's Guild pages, but I am not sure whether we shouldn't just keep it simple.