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Climbing the Kilimanjaro

flag Aline and I have finalised our plans: in September, we'll travel to Tanzania for three weeks and attempt to climb the Kilimanjaro, which rises almost 5,900 metres up into the sky. I've been as high as 3,900 metres, so I am very thrilled by this challenge.

We are both not particularly trained but were told that it does not require experience and is done by a bunch of tourists on a regular basis. This is one of the reasons why we opted for the second most popular route, which is allegedlt also the most beautiful. We will have to sleep in tents rather than the shelter huts inhabited by the tourist masses, so it's going to be freezing cold. We booked a private guide as we prefer to stay independent and stick to our own pace (which is usually faster than the rest).

Who knows whether we'll make it, but it seems doable even by the untrained, and we are both motivated. Our only real challenge will be the altitude, and the danger of altitude sickness, which noone can foresee or prevent. It can be deadly though, but no risk no fun, right? So cross your fingers!

image After a week of climbing, we'll spend five days in a safari through the Serengeti, go to Lake Victoria, and try to absorb as much as we can of the landscape and quiescence the region is known for.

And then, to top it all off (and to complete what's known to be the "standard route of Tanzania"), we'll chill in a beach resort on Zanzibar for some diving, hiking, and expeditions into the countryside. A sailing boat for a day or two (we're working on that) would make it just perfect.

Very excited about all this, I try to ignore the total price this all sums up to. Having spent most of my adventure time in Asia so far, it's astonishing...