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Trying to blog again & the art of coffee

I've worked with upstream to fix some problems in pyBlosxom and now I should be able to serve a proper Atom 0.3 feed (with XML CSS and all that, look here). If you want then you can have the needed files on request. I will continue to invest some time into this so that the next pyBlosxom upstream release will feature proper Atom and RSS2 out of the box. And maybe Atom 1.0 will get done one of these days.

Anyway, cross your fingers, hold your thumbs, or do whatever it takes to wish me luck that I won't screw up the Planet again.

And to give this entry some real content: I am perfecting the art of cappuccino making. Or latte macchiato. Should you ever be in the area, make sure to stop by for a cup. It's damn good.

Here's what I woke up to this morning:

image PS: and to followup on John's BBspot initiative:

image Strangely appropriate some might say.