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DSL with neuf.fr

Yesterday, I finally succeeded to set up my girlfriend's wireless router and have it connect to n9uf, the provider we chose based on the recommendations by the French Debian crowd (on IRC).

Coming from Germany, I was trying hard to get PPPoE working. However, this provider uses PPPoA instead! Once I had that figured out, and I found the VCI/VPI to be 8/37 for France, we were online in a jiffy.

I do have to add: n9uf sucks about support. We cannot find any phone number that works, so I am not sure I can recommend this provider -- although things seem to be working fine provided you figure out everything by yourself. They have an okay reputation for the technical stuff. If you have a means to contact them with support issues, please let me know!

Update: Thanks to Jean-Yves Lenhof, I now know about their contact page.