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Managing Debian packages with GNU arch

Manoj (thanks to Jaldhar, I finally know how to pronounce your name... it would be spelt "Manosch" in German and bears resemblance to the name of one of the greater German child book authors)... uh, so where was I?

Oh yeah, Manoj has a really interesting way to manage packages with GNU arch, which I have started to adopt for my packages. The approach gets rid of things like dpatch (yes!) and simply manages additional features and debianisation in separate branches. Read the last paragraph of this entry if you can't be bothered with the rest.

Even though bazaar still has its rough edges, it's a pleasure to work with the guys making it possible, and bugs have quick turnaround times. This is one of the reasons why I chose to adopt Manoj's method together with bazaar for pkg-zope as well as pkg-mdadm. I have started to document the process on the pkg-zope wiki.

The only real drawback of Manoj's method is that it has a steep learning curve. Thus, Mario (the other mdadm maintainer) and I had the idea to hold a live session on IRC in which to demonstrate the use of arch and allow people to ask questions.

We are meeting for this live demonstration and Q&A session tomorrow, Thursday 11 August 2005, at 19:00 hours GMT in the #pkg-zope channel on irc.debian.org, and you are cordially invited to join. I'll also log the session and make it available online afterwards. Hope to see you there.