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Using arch for packages session over

Wow, after 2:15 hours of continuous IRC hacking, my brain is fried and at least 3-4 people followed the introduction (thanks to bignose for the editing) to Manoj's packaging art I gave in #pkg-zope. I think it was successful, but there are lessons to be learnt:

What is good though is that as the demonstrator, you have to type everything twice -- into the shell and into the IRC window. That gives the people following the demo twice as much time to try things themselves.

I think we should have more demos of this kind in our community.

Update: I had to give up the wiki on my server and the Debian admins have not yet had the time to incorporate the pages into the Debian wiki proper.

Anyway, I suggest against the use of arch, which is a bit too cumbersome. Have a look at some of the other VCS to do what you want. For instance, I just published a typescript from a recent presentation on using modern VCS for Debian packaging, in which I use git for the same workflow.