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Fun with a Windows Mobile cellphone

At the risk of Clint making more fun about me and my (non-existing) Windows obsession...

My girlfriend was all proud about this shiny new cellphone she got from work. She was understandably excited to get a colour display, polyphonic sound, and even a camera after using one of those ancient Nokia 3210 forever, which is \ only a phone with SMS abilities. When she mentioned she can even sync with Outlook, I lost all hope. Yes, she got a Windows Mobile thingie. I decided not to give a flying food.

But then last week the thing decided not to work anymore. Well, no... that's not accurate: you can still capture photos and send SMS. But you cannot make or receive phone calls, receive SMS, or change the time of the alarm from 3:47 am to a more humane time, or disable it. Not even a reboot works.

Now I hope she'll follow my advice and shove it up her boss' cavities and suggest to him to invest in proven technologies if he wants any productivity. In the mean time, she has gone back to using her 3210. And I enjoy making fun of her still.

In other news, the Treo 650 is supposed to be awesome.

NP: The Cooper Temple Clause: Kick Up the Fire, and Let the Flames Break Loose

Oh, and joeyh and debbugs dudes: you rock! And thanks aj for risking my implosion. Sorry to disappoint you: I am still here. :)