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Fear, and rear end pain (just exactly what you'd like to know)

When I found out last night that I did in fact have to play today's volleyball tournament in the startup lineup of our first team, I started to build up some fear. It was exactly this tournament two years ago at which I tore all ligaments of my right foot, and even though that itself is/was quite painful, a similar accident this year would spoil my impending adventures.

It turns out my ligaments are still intact after a tiresome day of volleyball, and after six games (or was it eight?), we came in second place ("second place is first loser...").

About two minutes into the first game, however, I lost balance in the air, landed hard on my rear, warped my shoulder muscles a bit, and the impetus of rolling backwards caused my head to collide with the floor rather ruggedly. I saw a bright flash and some stars and for about 3 seconds everything was quiet. Miraculously, I could come back into the game just five minutes later. Winston Churchill said "sport is murder" and he's right (thanks stockholm for this info).

And now I am at home again, exhausted, and I cannot sit down really; the impact between my rear end and the floor left a wonderful bruise, the area of about 4 palms, on my butt. I'd show a picture, but then I can't imagine anyone wanting to see my bruised behind. And this I-can't-sit situation leaves me a little angry, for tonight I really wanted to see a cool Hungarian film about tally clerks in subways, but no cushioning in this world would likely make that a comfortable experience.