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I did go to the movies last\^W this night after all. My favourite cinema was screening the last show of Kontroll (if you can't speak Hungarian...), a Hungarian movie staged in the Budapest Metro tunnels and stations. It's about the life of tally clerks, the mystery road runner, rail track runs, a hooded maniac pushing people onto the tracks, and i guess just life at the bottom edge. Despite the unnecessary happy end (which was normal, at least, not cheesy), one of the most riveting aspects must have been the charisma of the characters, Nimród Antal managed to paint. I happen to be one of those people that actually don't see movies because of the plot, or sometimes don't even follow it closely. Instead, I witness the shots, the hidden messages, the images, and I try to imagine the lines of thought that could have gone through the head of the director before the final version made it to tape. I don't want to try to put my own words to his work.

I can recommend this film, almost without restrictions, to anyone who appreciates real cinema. Restrictions would simply be the last 15 minutes, which you can just skip. It's out on DVD, apparently, and I will now find some place from where to order that isn't Amazon.