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Restructured text for the CV

I've had some fun with docutils while converting my curriculum vitae from the previous version, which was LaTeX and awfully brittle and difficult to manage.

docutils converts restructured text, a rather intuitive format I've been using for a long time, to XHTML (I would be writing my papers in RST if there was better BibTeX integration...). I then added some nifty CSS to produce slightly different versions for screen viewing and printing.

I am using the Rotis font family, which is the same font that was used for typesetting my book. Unfortunately, not many people will have this font installed as I had to actually purchase it first. Nevertheless, the document should look okay with the fallback font alternatives I specified. Feedback is appreciated!

In any case, PDFs are provided. Those are a major pain to produce, since the only way I can create them is by printing from Opera. Firefox barfs a little on the CSS, and I have found no way to actually make it use the fonts for printing. This sucks. Opera, on the other hand, even respects CSS 2 page layout hints and does not break a page within a section. Nice. And unfortunately, Sesse's PDF converter (a) is currently broken, and (b) does not stay true to the layout.

For what it's worth, all the sources are linked from the respective pages and placed under the terms of the Artistic License, with some additional terms. See the bottom of each page for more information, in case you want to use my work for your own CV.

Did I say feedback is appreciated?