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My home's your network

Alex apparently hides his secret desires in WEP passphrases. I used to have folks over at a regular basis [*]_ and the practice was to have WEP (or WPA shared key) in action, with a key of 8-12 random characters (pwgen!) I would change whenever I felt like it. If I did, I wrote it in the top right corner of the white board in my room (make sure you can't see that from outside the window!).

Now those I let past my doorstep could just start hacking even if I was on the phone or about to head out. Implicit authorisation if you managed to make it past my bouncer!

PS: It's Friday night, do something better with your time (flash required, very advisable)!

.. [*] That was in Germany and the US. The Swiss seem to prefer to be left alone. : They would not think of inviting you over, or inviting themselves over, ever. Kinda boring, if I come to think of it.