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I thought you admitted yourself that blogging is not the right way to complain about things happening elsewhere. So what was this all about?

The email I sent to debian-user was not a subtle publicity ploy, but a stupid error on my part. If you sit back and think outside your box for a second, you'll see how such a post actually hurts my reputation and casts bad publicity upon my book, instead of promoting it further. Had you been in my flat at the time buffy told me about a new mail from me to debian-user, you could have witnessed the purposeful destruction of neurons as I was banging my head against the table, wall, and whatever else was solid and hard and close by at the time.

After all, my post could be read by some (namely the authors of the Debian Bible) as some passive-aggressive slap in their faces, which I absolutely did not intend. Please, David, Jaldhar, and Mako, accept my apology for this incident.

My message was (meant to go privately) to a reviewer of the Debian Bible, not because I wanted to get him to buy my book instead (he obviously already owns the bible), but rather to let him know that I thought my book matched the description of one of the two books he was looking for, namely the one about Debian and just Debian. Of course there's self-interest involved, and of course I want to sell more copies of my book, but that's not because I am low on cash, but rather because I want my dinner with Peter Gabriel (see the last FAQ).

Had I been low on cash, then I wouldn't have sold 50 copies of the book at `debconf` with zero profit. And I wouldn't have mailed almost two dozen copies for free to Debian contributors in developing countries, or would not ship CD sets to those in need just like that. And in case you care: my publisher and I donate one Euro for every sold book to the Debian project. That's about 15% of what I make off each book. The other 85% are going to a separate stash with "my Debian funds" written on it, for later use towards promoting and/or helping Debian. Before you ask: this is my personal thing and I don't know exactly how I will use these funds yet. Certainly not, however, to become rich.

I know some people got annoyed over my seemingly aggressive market development practices following the release of my book. Aggressive marketing was not my intention, I hate it just as much as you do. I very much appreciated that some took their time to tell me about their concerns in private, and it's largely thanks to them that I realised this. My "marketing" was driven by pure enthusiasm rather than the wicked business person I couldn't be anyway. And even though it wasn't easy to suppress my excitement and pride about the work of ten months finally being "out there", I believe I successfully scaled down and kept quiet(er) about it after LinuxTag, only mentioning my work when directly relevant or called for.

Anyway, thank you for the apology and the 0,03 €. Let me know if more piles up. I'll put it to my Swiss Debian account then. And while you're at it, you could also transfer the money you owe me since the sale of my T-shirts at the LOTS.