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Which Thinkpad to get?

The ETH Zurich and Pathworks Solutions are preparing their fall offers of IBM Thinkpads for students at amazing prices. Check out this web site mid-October.

This, and the cracked screen on my previous Sony Vaio, puts me in the unfortunate position to have to buy a new laptop, and it seems that everyone agree that IBM makes the best these days.

So which one to get? There are basically two lines:

I am a year-long touchpad user and never got the hang of nipples (mh, don't quote this out of context). Thus, that's a strong argument for the T series. even though I have recently converted to ion and don't really need a mouse anymore... but the smaller key size is also an issue -- I intend to type a lot.

So the T series? But no! I have a powerful workstation at both, home and the lab, and I rarely use(d) my notebook there. I do travel a lot and go to a bunch of conferences, so the weight and battery life definitely seem to suggest the X series.

But thenq at most conferences, I am actually expected to do some work (yeah, it sucks, I know). Then, 1024 pixels across on a small screen is not exactly my idea of ergonomics. I also don't really like the idea of not having a CD-ROM drive for music on the road.

Yesterday, my list of preferences was:

T42, T43, T42p, T43p, X40, X41.

Today the Xs have moved ahead, because I am looking at even more travelling in the years to come:

X41, X40, T42, T43, T42p, T43p.

But I am still not decided. I checked out both machines yesterday and I would have taken either one right there.

As Goethe would put it:

Da steh ich nun, ich armer Thor
und bin so klug, als wie zuvor!

I have to make a decision by Thursday. If you have anything to say on this matter, I'd welcome a short note!