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Which Thinkpad, part II

The responses to my blog entry about Thinkpads have been overwhelming. This is great and yet another proof that the Debian community is one of the greatest assets out there. Thanks to all who have replied!

I am have decided for the X series since I am looking for a light carry-on, rather than a workstation. Moreover, I am going to get the X40 and not the X41 because the X41 features a Broadcom NetXtreme NIC, which I'd rather avoid in favour of the eepro100 in the X40. The X40 also is said to provide and additional 30 minutes of battery time over the X41, due to the slower processor (1.5 GHz) and front side bus.

So I went to check it out again yesterday, and in the words of several people on IRC: "The X40 is love."

Anyway, here is the condensed summary of the points people rose in their replies, which have influenced my decision:

I was also told to look at the X3?, which is slightly bigger than the X40, but easier upgradeable because of the 2.5" Hdd, not the 1.8" one (which are expensive). Not sure whether I can, since the university will not buy used stuff, and IBM doesn't have them anymore. X31 and X32 still exist, but their website sucks. Plus, the special offer by the university doesn't apply to the X3? series.

Finally, there is a Thinkpad Wiki, and that is cool!

So, the X40 it is. Add the bay and a DVD drive, a second 8 cell battery, a Kensington lock, 512 Mb of RAM for a total of 1 Gb, and the 3 year on-site world-wide warranty service, and it comes at around 2150 € incl. shipping. That's expensive, but I find it an acceptable price for what seems like one of the best travel notebooks out there.