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Katrina aftermath

Look over here:

In the figure of the president, George W. Bush, the incompetence, stupidity, and sheer inhumanity that characterize so much of America’s money-mad corporate elite find their quintessentially repulsive expression.


Above all, the suffering of millions will not be allowed to impinge on the profit interests of a tiny elite of multi-millionaires whose interests the government defends.

This is from the World Socialist Web Site, and though I do not consider myself socialist (despite being a great fan of Marx's Capital), there is nothing in the above (or the whole article) I could disagree with.

The above quote beats on Bush, one of the biggest disasters that has happened to the world in decades, but he is by far not the only guilty party (this is not to defend him at all). Fuck his war on terrorism. He is a terrorist himself, as are most other politicians in that country (and the UK), and the other countries that rule the world (Russia mainly, but also parts of the far east). I'd leave out Germany and France, actually, for they are too stupid to play with the big ones. But what better way to protect yourself as terrorist than announcing a rigorous and totalitarian war against all terrorists? Quite smart, eh! Noone would ever suspect.

I hope that the American people (and the rest of the world) finally wake up and think, before they again submerse themselves in a corrupt system in which there is no place for humanity. But then I guess most of you reading here don't need to be told, and those that need a whack with the cluebat are probably too dumb to read.

I'll end with a quote from Godspeed You Black Emperor!'s Slow Riot for New Zero Kanada:

they're sneaky, like i said - they're deceitful, they're lying, they're cheats, they rip people off. that's the american government for you. america is a third world country, and people don't recognise it...and i think that that's pretty god damn sad, that they don't recognise their own country as a third world, third rate, third class slum.

BTW: Godspeed is an amazing band, but it takes a while to get into them, they are certainly not recreational. Even though startling, it does not surprise me that they make a lot of their music available as MP3s from their site. I am still proud to own every single one of their albums.

NP: Low Frequency in Stereo (warning: Flash), Traveling Ants Who Got Eaten By Moskus.