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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Dvorak, and ergonomic keyboards

In the days leading up to my departure to Tanzania, I developed the typical symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Even after three weeks of vacation, the symptoms remain. Since computers and typing are vital for my line of work, I will need to learn to type Dvorak, and I should look into ergonomic keyboards.

The Kinesis Advantage is (a) expensive, and (b) praised by some people I talked to. I could possibly get my insurance to fund it. Do you have experience with it? If so, please drop me a line (that's a link). Or if you have anything else to say on the matter.

There is also the Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 by the company that can't write stable software. It's way cheaper, but it looks mighty inferior...

PS: no comments on my blog because I've not had the time to implement them. Sorry. Use email (see link above).