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Public transport

Mako thinks MTA is the "best public transportation system [he has] ever used". Funny that, I think to myself, having just read this article in the Financial Times.

Now in my third year in Zurich, I have not yet seen a city whose public transport comes anywhere close. In fact, I speculate that it has the highest traffic density world-wide. Rumour has it that no point exists on the ground floor within the central district which is farther than 150 metres from the next bus, tram, or train stop. Add to that a frequency of between 2 and 9 times per hour for each of the 60 different lines, getting around in this lovely city is truly an experience, and a wonderful pass-time at the same time.

If you ever come to Zurich, buy a 24 hour pass (5€) and spend an afternoon in the trams!

PS: FWIW, the Financial Times are a truly excellent newspaper, even if you're not all about finances (I am not): well-written and often very thought-provoking, but never with the feel of bias to it.