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dpatch and my Ph.D.

My tendonitis is level, meaning it is not getting better nor worse. I feel handicapped, and my new Kinesis keyboard will take a long time to fit into my habits, especially since I am learning Dvorak at the same time.

Anyway, Joey's post is reason enough to make a short exception, and bring out the old PS/2 with the familiar qwerty layout. There's been some news in my life related to Debian: I have been accepted as a Ph.D. student of Prof. Brian Fitzgerald and will be performing action research on improving workflow of the Debian development processes. I am mentioning this here because version control is stated in various places as being the logical step up from dpatch & Co., and I intend to go yet one step further.

My full proposal is available, and I am looking forward to your comments. Please note that I may take a while to respond. It's best if you could include a phone number and times for calling, then I can go easy on my wrists and still talk to you about your thoughts.

Of course, within minutes of learning about my acceptance, I received a very juicy offer from Google, just to make my life a little more difficult. I now have to decide between another two years of academia and Debian, or a career at that colourful company. The question is: can I sustain myself for two years without income or dig up some funding for my research? I'd rather do that than sell myself.