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Call from Ghana

I just received a call from Ghana. Supposedly I was sent a very special offer yesterday about a business transaction of a whole lot of money. Wow --actually I only guessed this for I could barely understand a word of the babble.

I filter spam, no really, I do. And those mails that get through currently get auto-replied with my telephone number, for I shouldn't be typing \. I have no clue whether one such auto-reply prompted the scammer to call me at this unholy hour. How curious.

I told the guy to resend the mail. I mean, www.419eaters.com will dig this (This is not a promise I will carry through... and sorry for the false link. 419eaters.com directs elsewhere than www.419eaters.com does...)

Damn, and now I feel somewhat trist witnessing what some people go through just to survive.