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Seeking a multifunction printer

As I will be operating from a home office from now on, I am looking into getting myself one of those multifunction printers, to be able to make photocopies and the occasional scan, in addition to my need for good and fast printouts. A fax option would be nice should I decide to get a land line again.

But the quest is painful. The first decision is between ink and laser. Since I would like to print mainly text, a laser seems like the better choice, and the HP LaserJet 3030 or HP LaserJet 3380 seem interesting at first, but both apparently suffer from "unimpressive print quality."

So then there are the HP Color LaserJet 2820 and HP Color LaserJet 2840, but I don't think I will be needing a colour laser printer anytime soon, and these printers are said to be loud and slow, and the scan quality is mediocre.

Other laser multifunction devices include the Brother MFC 7420, which is mediocre at best.

So, onto the ink jets. The HP PSC 2355 looks interesting (and it's cheap). But it's crap at scanning and lacks and automatic document feeder, something I'd really like.

So, staying with HP for two more, there are the OfficeJets: 7210 7310, 7410, 9110, and 9130. Here, the 7410 seems like the clear winner, and it also does duplex printing, but it's way expensive. Plus, it uses the braindead HP b/w + colour dual cartdridge system, which is not very economic at all (and HP enforces HP cartridges with a chip, so printing will be expensive in the long run).

... this brings me to the final three of the printers I looked at: the Canon Pixma MP780 and MP800, as well as the Epson Stylus CX6600. These all have separate cartridges per colour, which seems to me to be way more economic. The MP780 has an automatic document feeder, the MP800 does not.

If I were on a Windows machine, my choice would be between the Epson Stylus CX6600 and the Canon Pixma MP780 . Unfortunately, linuxprinting.org doesn't list either of them, so I am somewhat hesitant. While I expect all HP printers to just work with Unix these days, I am not sure about Canon and Epson at all -- CUPS does not list them as supported, although gs has an epson driver it seems.

... and when I am done figuring out which device can be used as a printer from Debian, I'll have to look at the scanning. Unfortunately, Sane does not seem to support any of the printers mentioned above. What a joy. Fucking manufacturers.

(If you have any thoughts on that matter, please let me know.)