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Drugs and the law

It is my strong belief that the law should diversify more when it comes to drugs and their use. In particular, the law should differentiate between

If the law differentiates this way, each country could make it explicit whether it tries to protect the individual (which it should), or whether it protects the equilibrium of society (which could be considered fascist).

Important: this is all about use of a drug. Cultivation, dealing, and related acts must be under separate and harsher legislation.

The black-white approach taken by most governments these days really just pisses me off. Who are they to decide what an individual may do (or not) with his/her own body, assuming no harm comes to third parties?

PS: No, I am not a junkie. I just get annoyed when someone is jailed for smoking pot or eating magic mushrooms in the forest. Especially if you know and respect that someone.

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