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Turns out that I may have never had tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome, but lateral epicondylitis, aka. the tennis elbow. I do play squash regularly, but the cause still appears to be typing.

I was not using a wrist pad, and I never developed a proper typing style, meaning that 4-8 of my fingers chaotically fly over the keys to yield almost 100 words/minute. Anyway, combine all of the above with a notoriously bad posture and myogelosis (google that yourself, I could not find a representative link) in the shoulder region, and you get suboptimal blood flow in the bones and muscles of my extensor muscles, which not only had to pull my back of the hand upwards, but also lift the fingers as I was typing. At 10-14 hours per day, and it's no wonder that the tendons connecting my extensor muscles to the lateral elbow got inflamed.

Anyway, I am optimistic, now that I finally found a therapist who seems to understand what she's doing. I am also intensively training my upper body musculature in combination with massages, so in the end, when I finally broke the vicious cycle of such an inflammation, it'll actually have improved my life.

I never thought I would ever lift weights. Now I am beginning to enjoy it.