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Palm is going down, +1 for Amazon

The German Technology Review magazine is running an article on the last 10 years of Palm, manufacturer of the classic PDA. Basically the story is that Palm was doing alright until smart phones came along, and now they are just going down.

No wonder, I say to myself, looking at the current state of affairs in a support case not too different from Edd's.

pilot-xfer at one point started to report errors writing to the device:

error (-202, PalmOS 0x0000).

I suspect a broken EEPROM, and since the device is only half a year old, I wanted a warranty replacement.

Writing to Palm yielded a response delayed by one week, advising me to hard-reset the device, then to try again. I had stated in my original problem report that I already tried hard-resets. A little annoyed, I wrote back telling them that... and got another reply advising me to hard-reset. Believe it or not, this went through a third iteration, at which point I gave up -- in part also because it was then that I read Edd's account of his experience. No wonder Palm is going down (which is somewhat of a shame, I do appreciate Palm OS).

Anyway, I bought the device via Amazon, and thus prodded them about it. After some complications related to the fact that all the paper stuff and CDs of the Palm are in my house in Germany, which I won't see for a while, I now reached an agreement with them allowing me to order a new one, for which I'll then be refunded when I send in the broken Palm in February. And as if that was not enough (+6 months warranty after all), I also got a 35 EUR price discount.