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Companies and attachments

I have a good friend over at Compuware, and I would send her email from time to time, usually asking her to join us at a party or the like. And usually, she would join.

Until about three weeks ago, when my emails started bouncing with "No such user" error messages. Had she left? Without telling me? A quick phone call confirmed this was not true. In fact, she told me, she's been getting emails just fine.

So I try again, but keep getting told there wasn't any user by her login name. Then, in a flash of genius, I decide to send an unsigned mail, which promptly arrives.

Please, postmasters of this earth, get a grip. If you deem it necessary to block standard attachments, at least make your system spout out the right error message. Just because I send my emails digitally signed does not mean that my correspondent isn't a user at your system, whether you know what digital signatures are or not.