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Intelligent Design vs. Darwin

According to a gallup study by CNN and USA Today (Septembre 2005), 53% of Americans (sample size \~ 1'000 people) believe that God has created life and the universe as it is today, thereby actively denying modern evolution as proposed by Charles Darwin (13% of Germans also think so, according to a study in Decembre 2005). Yeah, statistics, but...

Schools in Kansas aren't allowed to mention "evolution" or "big bang" in tests since 1999, biology books in Alabama must carry a sticker degrading Darwin's theory to be "entertaining but questionable" since 1995, and as of now, in 20 of the (southern and middle-western) Excited States of America, the advocates of "Intelligent Design" (the post-1952\^W1987 re-incarnation of anti-evolutionary movement) are successfully fighting schools to get Darwin's ludicrous idea removed from the curriculum, culminating in the current law suit of eleven parents against the school district in Pennsylvania after their kiddies expressed obvious hatred for the theory of evolution at home. Fortunately, the judge seems to stay put, condemning the Intelligent Design monkeys by reference to the Constitution, which bans religious content from public classrooms (as decided by the supreme court in 1987, though I am not sure of that origin).

What the fuck is going on the other side of the ocean? How can earth's #1 scientific nation be so incredibly naïve? Of course there's no hope while that Bush chimp (and the Discovery Institute) still believes America to be the country of God.