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Plone 2.1.1 - WOW

My tendonitis forced me to take a leave of absence from Plone development right in the middle of the Plone 2.1 release cycle. As life moves on, however, I find myself in the position to teach Plone to employees development of the Humboldt University Berlin in two weeks, so I spent today checking out what I missed the last couple of months.

Life did go on, and the Plone guys didn't sleep. Without going into details, I would like to give a big shout out to everyone who contributed to the 2.1 release (although my name was left out of the CREDITS.txt file -- I surely wasn't instrumental in the release, but I did make several commits). Plone 2.0 felt great, Plone 2.1 is even slicker. Even better UI, great development features, and it's all a lot cleaner and nicer to work with now. In fact, I grew mildly ecstatic upon first encounter. Great work, guys (and girls).

I had previously considered Ruby on Rails, but I noticed too many parallels to Zope for it to be worth the effort. Plus, Rails has to come a long way to reach up to what Plone can already do (correct me if I am wrong)... and that's before Plone does the migration to Zope 3.

I am proud to be able to teach Plone to others in two weeks.

Update: Philipp, thanks for getting the comparison right. I completely agree with you.