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Tendonitis, Epicondylitis, whatever -- potential escape to Asia

The epicondylitis gave way again to symptoms of tendonitis just before Christmas, and now it's back. I am switching therapist yet again, this time going for massages of the shoulder region, as well as accupuncture. Apparently, my back is in really bad shape, but the therapist is optimistic. In a week, he says, things should be going up again.

One interesting thing he pointed out is that I always seem to be lifting my shoulders, so most of the problem's solution will be to learn to relax the shoulder region.

In only hope he's right. I am beginning to disapprove of my endless vacation in which I cannot do what I want.

On a related note, I am plotting a new trip to Southeast Asia in April. If I am cured by then, it's a wonderful vacation. If not, it'll get me further away from the keys.

Any idea where to go to? Northern Laos and Myanmar are my candidates, but I am not sure about the bird flu problems in this region. Same thing for China, which I'd really like to visit soon. Feedback welcome!