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Scared of telephones?

Since I shouldn't be typing too much, I have resorted to the telephone on numerous occasions in the last four months, calling Debian folks to discuss issues -- after all, I don't want to let go of this project, especially since it's now the topic of my doctorate thesis [*]_.

Strangely though (or not), I have found that more than two thirds of the developers I tried to reach seem to be scared of the phone. I always explain my situation and request number and a convenient time to call, but most of the time I get no answer back. If I do get an answer back, it's usually along the lines of "I prefer IRC" or the like. Only rarely did people actually agree to confer on the phone with me.

What is it about telephones? I am paying the bill, and it's surely a good medium to discuss specific issues. Are Debian developers scared of this communication medium? Or do people simply not want to speak to me?

.. [*] to set things straight with Wouter's post: I thought it kind of : sounded like I was going to present my doctoral thesis at FOSDEM 2006. Unfortunately, that is not (yet) the case. My proposal was accepted, but I haven't been able to start yet, so what I was planning to do for the conference was to pick two ideas I had for Debian workflow improvement and present them alongside a short overview of the current workflow. This fulfills two goals for me. One, I am forced to write down these ideas, and two, I get them out into the open for people to discuss, develop, and/or slam them.