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Lufthansa and Swiss

It was a long fight that Lufthansa fought before they were allowed to swallow Swiss, the second try at a Swiss national airline after the horrendous management mistakes by the SwissAir board. But they won: at the end of March 2006, the merger is supposed to be complete.

Sitting once again on a flight to Berlin, operated by Swiss, I am beginning to wonder whether this merger will be completed in time. I am undoubtedly spoiled as a regular Lufthansa flyer, so several things annoy me every time I fly Swiss (economy class, of course):

I suppose I could list more examples, but then I'd just get more aggrevated. Thus, instead, I ask the crew for another sandwich, in case they have any leftover. Who cares about cushiony sandwiches when you're hungry, right?

"I am sorry, we cannot give out more than one sandwich per passenger"

This is the last flight of the day to or from Berlin. Are you going to recycle the sandwich and serve it to the morning passengers?

Another fun tale about Swiss: their homepage is utter crap. First, it thinks I am Italian, despite my browser sending en,de,fr as preferred languages. Second, there's no way to change the language, it seems. And third, see for yourself: book a ticket to Budapest this coming weekend and state you are a student. You'll be asked to pay 150% of the price that a regular (non-student) passenger would pay for the same flight.

So, Lufthansa, are you aware of the amount of homework you have to do?