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Iberia rules

at least it did this one time, Jesus:

My family and I were on our way to Granada. My father was completely stressed out and suffered an epileptic seizure on the plane. Even though we were able to stabilise his condition, Iberia took us down in Barcelona to go to a hospital. We landed, had the ambulance come up immediately, and found an Iberia driver outside the hospital waiting for us when we came out; he drove us all the way to our final destination (Granada, about 4 hours I recall) and set us off.

We never saw a bill from them. We sent a letter to thank them for the professional handling of the situation, and as a response got to hear that it was their duty and that their glad my father was doing better.

Apart from this, none of the passengers on the plane, who all got a two hour delay due to my father, would have thought to say a word. They just all quietly waited while we were doing our thing. Imagine that in Germany or Switzerland! Ha!

And Clint: there's a Swissôtel right next to my flat. You'll just have to visit me more often than you do. :)