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Plone is love

I just completed the three day course about Zope and Plone at the Humboldt Universität in Berlin, which was successful despite my initial reservations.

I think I managed to convey almost all topics they requested starting with basic ZPT and scripting to custom content types with Archetypes, and ending with mass-import, 2.0->2.1 migration, and topics in performance and optimisation to an audience of 10, with skill levels ranging from absolute beginners to intermediate. One of the students even came up to personally thank me for "finally making her understand" the Zope basics.

I would like to thank many of the Plone folks for helping me out during the preparation and the course itself!

And optilude, it looks like they'll migrate to 2.1, after I was able to reduce many of their performance problems to typical 2.0.5 issues.