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Airplane safety

"Due to safety regulations, please ensure that all your electronic devices are turned off during takeoff and landing while the fasten seat-belt signs are on".

Hearing this on today's flight to Budapest really makes me wonder: how could my little laptop possibly have an effect on the safety of the airplane?

And if it really does, why the heck am I sitting inside this metal bird which can apparently be grounded or otherwise negatively affected by something like a plain laptop. I could even understand bluetooth and/or wifi having effects on the navigation systems, but these are both turned off. And I really don't think that my screen radiates a GPS signal or the spin of my harddrive exerts a radial force on the plane (c't readers can refer to the 1 April edition of 2004).

Update: Thanks, Holger, for this link, which talks about GSM phones on airplanes. I guess I can get myself to agree with it. However, I am still talking about my laptop only...