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Windows Vista and IPv6

Sinead O'Donovan, product unit manger for networking at Microsoft, believes IPv6 offers securer data transmissions through longer IP addresses.

Ah, I can hardly wait for "new application experiences," "richer collaboration," and all the other buzzwords MS uses to tout their next failure.

Here's more from the article, this time about NAT: "If you had to route all the file-sharing traffic in MSN Messenger through your server it's very expensive to build that application because they must have a lot of servers to support the application. IPv6 allows them take advantage of end-to-end connectivity, so if it makes sense for the traffic to go between two peers they can."

Yeah, granted, InformationWeek.com seems to be pretty crap too. But someone tell Donovan about routing, please?

At the end of the article Donovan is also proud to address problems with Vista's connectivity features with IPv6: "The connectivity features in Vista must have a reachable IP address from remote locations. If the connection is initiated from outside the home the NAT locks up and you don't have a way of addressing the PC. Reaching the devices isn't possible unless you custom configure an application."

Can anyone else picture trojan authors rubbing hands?