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What happened to Debian?

If you experience network problems related lost nameservers about ten seconds after establishing a link (e.g. with DHCP), you are being hit by #350995.

I don't run GNOME (or KDE), but I do need gucharmap, which is such a complicated programme that it needs to link against 33 libraries:

lapse:~> apt-cache depends gucharmap | grep -c Depends:

Among these, libgnomevfs2-0. Don't ask me why gucharmap needs VFS support, I probably didn't find all the hidden features yet, especially the one that requires me to have a 169.254/16 address on my interfaces: going further down the chain:

libgnomevfs2-0 depends on libavahi-compat-howl0
libavahi-compat-howl0 depends on libavahi-client3
libavahi-client3 recommends avahi-daemon

avahi-daemon!!! WTF? I have a wonderful infrastructure with DNS records automatically updated, why in the world would I want ZeroConf. If I wanted ZeroConf, I'd be running 1-click Windows wizards! Yes, I am pissed right now.

A temporary fix is dpkg -P avahi-daemon. The long-term fix should be a little more care when deciding which features are necessary and which would be nice to have. Something tells me that GNOME (and KDE) have somewhat twisted perceptions of this. This isn't a personal attack on anyone donating time to make GNOME (and KDE) happen in Debian. However, it's a plea to everyone not to forget that we're Debian. We have the most complex dependency graphs (see e.g. xserver-common/xserver-xorg/xorg-common/...) just to make it possible for people to install exactly what they want and no more.