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Enabling comments on blogs

Uwe, you are not the first to request that I add a comment feature to my blog. Its consideration is on my to-do list, but I am somewhat against it already.

Why? Because I do not want to deal with yet another point of attack for spam, and I am really not fond of web interfaces; there are probably nice ways to tell pyBlosxom to integrate comments well with the filesystem, allowing me to e.g. reply via SSH rather than a browser (or better yet: email), but as it stands, all I know are comment forms on the blogs' web interfaces, which require a browser and cookies enabled to be able to add one's opinions.

As blog owner, I have to continuously check my blog for new comments with a browser, and leave answers to comments immediately as I am checking them, but tracking forums with browsers is a royal PITA. Thus, an RSS feed would be the right way to do it. However, RSS only alerts me of new comments; I then still have to fire up a browser (or a shell) to leave an answer. Anyway, I am already drowning in emails, I don't need another medium requiring attention and feedback.

There's also another reason against comments on my blog: it's my blog. Apart from legal obligations in the EU, I have not fully grasped the pros and cons of giving other people a space to express themselves. If an entry of mine solicits feedback, I include an email address, and I summarise what I learn from the numerous responses I receive in a second blog entry.

I will look into ways to integrate my blog with my email traffic, so that comments come in as emails, and replying to them publishes my response on the blog. Anything else I would not want, I think.