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Pet peeves: cookies and redirects

If you design your website so that it requires cookies, you ought to be punched (c.f. Sesse). When I surf the web, I usually choose to deny cookies for this reason; should I find out that cookies are actually needed, the excellent Cookie Button Firefox extension allows me to rethink my choice.

If you implement redirect chains like ticketcorner.ch to www.ticketcorner.ch to www.ticketcorner.com to www2.ticketcorner.com, you ought to be kicked and battered, especially if those are implemented with meta refresh instead of HTTP redirect.

If you set a cookie from www.ticketcorner.com with cookie domain .ticketcorner.com and require that on www2.ticketcorner.com, you should be slaughtered.

And Firefox should certainly have a better means to edit cookie restrictions outside of the current domain than to require me to go to the preferences and click a hundred times until I can browse a huge list of cookie exceptions (no search) for a the entry, remove it, reload the page, and cast another vote. I have not found an extension to do this...