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Re: Technical classics
< Sesse> madduck: you'll have to counter-blog :-)
< madduck> mh.
< Sesse> madduck: my degree isn't in computing, it's in signal processing
< Sesse> so I don't have all the programming and db books
< madduck> mine is in procrastination.

Sesse, I see your list and raise you:

Also, for crytography, I would put "Contemporary Cryptography" by Oppliger in there, despite its price. I have worked with Oppliger so I may be biased, but I found his book to be very in-depth and yet understandable, possibly more so than Schneier's. And it's more up to date.

Update: Now I am really curious what the classic for UML would be. Seems like all the UML books are either too spec-like, or too lofty.