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I finally booked Mexico

After long periods of indecisiveness and insecurities about the trip after Debconf6, I am now finally booked to Mexico (and back). In case you care, here's my itinerary:

Sa 13 May 2006: ZRH -> FRA on LH5055, leaving 12:20
Sa 13 May 2006: FRA -> MEX on LH498, arriving 18:55

So 28 May 2006: MEX -> FRA on LH499, leaving 20:50
Mo 29 May 2006: FRA -> ZRH on LH3732, arriving 16:55

Best of all: I have a lot of Lufthansa miles set to expire soon, so I can likely upgrade to business class. :)

Now I hope that my sponsorship request gets honoured one of these days. Lufthansa was the cheapest I could get from Zurich, but my definition of cheap is something else...