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Google pages

So Google now has a service for creating homepages. The generated pages are advertised as XHTML 1.0 Strict, but they do not validate as such. Why do they bother pretending XHTML-compliance? Is it l33t to advertise XHTML?

So please, Google, if you read this:

This is called divitis and apart from being pointless, it's also semantically wrong. div is to be used for divisions and it's a block element per default:

<h1 id="page-title"><div id="g_title">My title</div></h1>

<p class="description"><div id="g_description"><p>My description</div></p>

Another form of divitis is found in the way Google does layouts, although they should be applauded for refraining from the use of tables!

There is rarely ever a reason for the br tag in most texts. Specifically not when it occurs like this:

<p>My paragraph<br></p>

Silliness aside, the tag isn't closed, as XHTML tags have to be. The same applies to hr, which should be (note the slash):


And finally, please put CSS into separate files so they can be properly cached.

It's alarming to see the Web 2.0 starting off just like the Web 1.0, with the exception that we now actually have the standards in place, but when noone knows and obeys them, it's just about the same as if there weren't any.