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The market niche

I have open support tickets with e.g. Lufthansa and GMX.

In both cases, I provided all information I had about a problem with their site in response to my request to give them money for their services.

In both cases, I had to go through the inconvenient means of a web formular, for other means of contact aren't available. I also had to fill out contact information with required fields, even though I was logged in.

In both cases, I got back a reply telling me that they could not support my inquiry "at the time", I should instead call a 0900 number (expensive) for support (which I cannot anyway, 0900 is blocked pretty much everywhere these days, at least on my slice of the sphere).

In both cases, I wondered why people haven't seen this obvious market niche: use the Internet and cheap hardware to offer service at a modest price, and then treat your customer as an asset, returning phone calls if that seems like the logical next step. Or alternatively, put some clueful people behind your customer ticket system.

You know, I'd pay for that (rather than for being told 10 minutes into the 0900 call that they cannot help me "at the time").