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KLM / Air France, or: yet another failure to care for clients

Another airline rant... back when we went to Tanzania, we flew KLM and Kenya Airways, both partners of the Air France "Flying Blue" frequent flyer programme. Our itinerary was Zurich -> Amsterdam -> Kilimanjaro -> Nairobi -> Amsterdam -> Geneva, which is quite a bunch of miles, so we chose to apply for membership and sent in the boarding cards via snail mail to the French Flying Blue office -- Air France seems to be in charge -- to get the miles credited.

We never heard from them, and the miles were not credited. The total of miles we are supposed to get would be enough for two free European flights, reason enough for me to follow up. Since the only means of contact they provide is a web form (an alarming trend everywhere), I took on the pain to submit it. I also linked to a PDF of the letter I sent along with the boarding passes. No reaction.

I filled the web form out again about a month later and also sent a note to the customer care department. No reaction, despite the confirmation page telling me I would be contacted within 48 hours.

Six weeks passed and I tried again. This time I actually managed to dig up a phone number, which I called in addition to submitting the form again and contacting customer care. I was promised someone would get in touch with me. No reaction from any of the three. Also, noone ever picked up the phone behind the number I found ever again (I tried two dozen times or so).

Checking my web server logs, I know that the PDF I linked was never downloaded.

Today, more than 6 months later, I received three letters from Flying Blue. Every single one contained a new member card with a note that made it seem as if I applied for a replacement for a lost card. The dates on the letters correspond roughly to my attempts to reach customer support. All envelopes are postmarked end of February though. Seems like Flying Blue has some serious internal problems, and that's apart from the people working there, who are apparently so stupid (or trained) to answer any request with a replacement card. Reading the request is prohibited by company policy.

I am giving up, and I shall definitely avoid Flying Blue partners in the future. It isn't the first time that Air France let me down.