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Brief touchdown at Chemnitzer Linux-Tage

It's now been over a week since I visited my brother in Leipzig, with the intention to head over to Chemnitz on Saturday morning to attend the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage. It turned out that Saturday was just too nice a day (and Friday night too long), so I skipped the fair on that day and stayed with my brother, which wasn't a problem as my only required appearance in Chemnitz was Sunday morning for a talk on the Debian package lifecycle. So Saturday we ate an extensive breakfast, hung around, took a walk, met some folks, listened to a bunch of tunes, played countless Stratego games (this will have to be my favourite board game), and generally had a marvelous chilling time.

So Sunday morning I got up early, hopped on a train and arrived in Chemnitz around 9:40 with ample time to make it to the campus where my talk was to be held at 11:00. Ample time -- or so I thought. Public transport in Chemnitz doesn't really wake up until 10:30, and the train schedule isn't descriptive of what actually happens on the track. So with a bunch of running, I finally ended up on a train to the south station, from where I walked.

My talk went very nicely. I talked about what happens to a package between the developer's machine and Debian stable, giving insights into dak, the various parallel archives (such as stable-proposed-updates and experimental), and describing how security updates as well as volatile and backports fit in.

The slides are accessible through your browser (but are German-only, sorry), thanks to the wonderful magic of docutils and S5 -- a great presentation system based on XHTML and CSS2 (it's written by one of the CSS gods). You can get my template with bzr. It and the slides are available under the terms of the Artistic Licence.

Also in Chemnitz, my publisher Open Source Press officially released the German translation of my Debian book. It's good to see that finally out of my way. :)

I left the campus early because I was too tired. I regret it because the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage seem like a nice event, and there were a bunch of talks I really wanted to see, but I simply couldn't.

Till next year.