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Founding a company

Mainly to make my life as a foreigner here in Switzerland easier, but also for tax purposes, I am founding a company... tomorrow actually. It'll be a "GmbH", which is the German equivalent of "Ltd"/"LLC": a separate legal entity with limited liability from the side of the participator (that's me).

Only problem: I don't have a name.

Part of me wants a regular German name (none of the "let's choose English words to make it sound cool" approach). The other part of me already operates internationally.

Part of me would love to found "moo LLC" or "madduck consulting Ltd.", and the other part would prefer a little bit more seriousness.

Part of me can't be bothered and would be happy to settle with "Martin Krafft Schulungs und Beratungs GmbH", and the other part doesn't really think that's very compelling.

Both parts of me are tired. Let's hope the morning brings new ideas, for I don't have time to wait much longer.