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The Winner Takes It All

Sometimes I am in a whistling mood. So today as I was running some errands [#]_, I whistled Abba's "The Winner Takes It All". Some kids stepped up to me and asked what kind of crap I was whistling and whether I was gay, Abba is "out" and "sucks anyway". They did not appreciate when I asked why they even recognise it then. :)

WTF? Sure, Abba is not everyone's thing, but "The Winner Takes It All" is an all-time, very beautiful hymn which will never die. Unlike the crap aired on the radio these days.

.. [#] My iron broke and I need my shirts ironed for a conference next week. : Switzerland is bloody expensive: 4€ per shirt, and that's just ironing.

In related news: After a very Cure-centric last week, I find myself totally digging Pulp now; I've been listening to the seven albums I have pretty much since Sunday morning. "Masters of the Universe" must be my favourite so far.