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The design does not allow it

During my trip to Copenhagen, Denmark last weekend, I was booked into a fancy hotel described all over the Internet as the in-hotel of the city (it wasn't my choice). The building had just been converted from a department store to a hotel.

After checking in to my room, I noticed that my bathroom lacked a shower curtain, so I promptly went to the front desk to ask them to change that. The guy behind the desk was so incredibly stupid as he smiled at me and answered: "that's because of the design; a shower curtain would not fit the design." He was probably previously selling underwear in the department store and had his role recast without any training.

Unfortunately I failed to take a picture of the bathroom, but if there really was some design at work, it was so subtle that you couldn't notice: a regular bathtub, a sink, a toilet, a mirror, and two towel-hangers... nothing more. Oh, and there was one of those blue lines on the otherwise white tiles approximately two metres from the floor. You know, one of those "designs" that you will find in almost every bathroom built in the last five years.

Anyway¸ the lack of shower curtains is only one of several reasons why I would never check in to that hotel again, nor recommend it to anyone.