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Merger synergy?

Last weekend, Lufthansa finally annexed Swiss, which is now a regular member of Star Alliance.

My flight to Copenhagen was booked with Scandinavian (SAS). Troubles already started on Friday morning when the SAS folks in Zurich sent me to the Swiss counter for check-in, yet they didn't know anything about passengers to Copenhagen. But we managed to board the plane eventually and traveled safely to Copenhagen, on Swiss.

Today, my flight out of Copenhagen was again with SAS at 17:40, but when we arrived at the airport, the flight was canceled. The SAS people rebooked me on a Swiss flight at 20:05, but the Swiss counter did not open until two hours prior to departure -- and when it did, they did not know about rebooked passengers.

What had happend was that SAS decided to simply cancel all flights from Copenhagen (and possibly other Scandinavian airports) to Switzerland and the UK, and to book passengers onto the next available Swiss flights, but without telling Swiss.

Merger synergy?