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Asian women and western men

Following yesterday's blog entry, a derogatory comment reached me why we would be spending the evening with the sort of girl that would go to hotel with foreign men. This prompted me to write a short note of how I see the position of the women in these countries with respect to this subject. I hope you are aware that this is a delicate topic, of course, and that I write nothing but about my own perception and interpretation.

There are two types of women who'll readily engage with foreign men: those receiving money for a night and those looking for more. Nothing needs to be said about the first. As for the second, I can understand their position very well, and if it weren't for assholes coming to this country trying to "score" and exploiting their position, there'd be nothing to be said against it.

For the young women in these parts of the world, foreign men are attractive for two reasons: first, they have money, and thus give them the hope and maybe even a chance to live a better life then they are forced to. It is very unlike Western women seeking rich men to buy them lots of jewelry, for the women here it's more a question of existence.

On the other hand, the women here seem to prefer Western men, since they are generally perceived to be more gentle and "good". I have been told on numerous occasions now that it is not uncommon for Asian boys to beat their wives when drunk. Unfortunately, the situation seems to be bad enough for the women to forget about the chance that Western men may do the same (and I'd believe more do than we would be willing to admit).

So in the end, the girl we met was far from a "prostitute", and having talked to her, it hurts me that she should be perceived as such by some of my readers. I'd much rather spend time with her at a club than most of the superficial girls you'll find in the Western world.A

I hope this sets things a little more straight.