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Why Thai massages hurt

Naturally, in Thailand you ought to try a Thai massage. If you do, it's best to ignore all the things you ever heard about them, as that might stop you otherwise: the Thai massage is painful for a number of reasons, but one is the most prevalent one, at least for me.

The idea of the Thai massage is that of "passive yoga." The masseur (or more likely, the masseuse) will knead your muscles beyond the point of comfort (unless, of course you tell them to keep it down, which I never did). They will bend your body, stretch it in ways you didn't think possible, crack your joints, rearrange your spine, and finally massage your head as if they are trying to make up for all the pain.

However, all this is very bearable. What kills me each time I let a Thai massage me is the fact that the Thai apparently don't have hairs on their legs and arms. I do, however, and it's kinda hard to relax and breathe calmly while these hairs are being pulled every time he (or she) grabs part of my leg (or arm) to knead or twist it.

But I'll do it again, and I recommend everyone who has the chance to try it --at least once.